Hi, I'm Deshi!

Hi, I'm Deshi!

I’m an entrepreneur and former investment banker. I’m also a mom to three kids six and under. Which means I spent much of the last two years feeling *inserts primal scream here*.

While pregnant with my third baby in 2020, I felt so out of the loop on newborn stuff. But I also had no time to research the latest BPA-free baby bottles and clean lotions. I barely had time to sleep. So I did what anyone would do: I asked my friends.

Which got me thinking…

We all have those friends whose taste and opinions we trust, the ones who always know which onesies or weekend totes to buy. Who patiently do God’s work helping the rest of us not spend hard-earned cash on overpriced crap. (I may no longer know what to buy for my babies, but friends ask me about my gold jewelry all the time, thanks Alexa Leigh!)

It occurred to me: I only want to buy things from people I know.

Also: Brands should be paying them!

Enter APRICOT. It’s a shopping destination that is literally curated by your friends and family. Sign up to make a Collection of your favorite picks, and encourage your crew to do the same. Then you can shop each other’s Collections—and watch the rewards pile up. APRICOT has exclusive deals with our brands to offer members a cut of every purchase.

Our goal is to lift all women (aka line their pockets) while creating a shift in how we buy and consume.

We’re proud to help you discover mindful brands that are sustainable, small-batch, female-owned, conscious, and/or cruelty-free. The stuff you won’t end up replacing in a month. APRICOT supports these businesses and provides them with a platform to succeed.


So, a heartfelt welcome to APRICOT. We’re working hard to create the sweetest shopping experience on the Internet. I hope you will reach out with ideas, feedback, or just to say hi, at hello@myapricot.com.

Warmly, Deshi

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