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Only the future of shopping! It’s an e-commerce platform where you and your friends can shop straight from each other’s recommendations. They earn when you buy. You earn when they buy. You earn when you buy. And to top it all off, we source the Internet’s best selection of conscious, cult-products from brands that you can feed good about supporting!

Nope! You can shop your friends’ recommendations without becoming a member. But once you see what we’re all about, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to go all in. To make your own Collection (and start earning rewards), click here.

Simply add your name to our waitlist and we’ll send you one ASAP!

You can preview our vast and always-growing selection of products (which are conscious, clean, and/or woman-and-BIPOC-owned…. all the good things!) here. Become a member to see the full scope of what we offer.

Peruse our educational portal and blog, Take a Bite, and our brand page. We’re adding new brands constantly, so check back often!

Absolutely! Take a look at our founder Deshi’s epic Collection here, and the Collections of some friends of APRICOT, like Jennifer Justice and Kelly Cutrone.

We’re busy building out our search functionality so you can connect with all of your contacts on APRICOT. In the meantime, ask them (and send a link)!

Coming soon! In the meantime, our site is mobile-friendly. Save our homepage as an app-like icon on your phone by clicking this button (works only on Safari).

Our founder, Deshi Singh. Learn more about her here!


We thought you’d never ask! View our detailed instructions here.

Another good question. Again, right this way.

You have several options. 1. Using your unique URL, share your entire Collection on social, over text, however you normally share with friends and family. 2. Share specific products one at a time in the same way. 3. Share using QR code.

We’re currently onboarding a large volume of new members at once, so it could take up to 48 hours for our engineers to finalize your Collection. Thanks for being patient with our small but dedicated team!

You earn money! When you recommend the brands on our site to your circle, you provide a valuable service to them. APRICOT gets you compensated by adding $$ to your APRICOT balance (which can be cashed out, donated to a charity of your choosing, or put towards your own purchase on the site).

Let’s just say it’s a generous chunk of the purchase amount (anywhere from 10-25% of the retail cost of an item), and significantly higher than traditional “influencers” make using affiliate links (which is around 2-5% of the retail cost of an item).

View the details of your APRICOT balance, and hit “Cash Out.” It’s that simple.

We hope you will! (These are your favorite products, after all!) When you shop your own Collection, the reward lands in your own APRICOT balance. You’re welcome!

Not yet, but this feature is on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Orders & Shipping

When you place an order, you should receive a confirmation from both APRICOT and the brand. Check the status of your order here. Shipping times will vary depending on the brand. If you’re having any issues with your order, please reach out to

We’ll work to accommodate you as best we can! Email

Yes, obvs.

Not yet—but soon!


We’ll be rolling them out soon. In the meantime, give your friend the gift of shopping their Collection!

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