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Does this sound like YOU?


Your friends and family look to you for recommendations on all things lifestyle, from products, to what's new, to what to wear.


You wish people would stop buying the wrong stuff, and just ask you what to do from the beginning.


You want to take charge of your reality - with a new revenue stream.*

*Introducing APRICOT: the FREE app that REWARDS you for WHAT YOU ALREADY DO. It's time to get paid in cold, hard cash for what you BUY, LOVE, and SHARE with your inner circle.

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Shop and share your favorite finds with your favorite people, all in one place.

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Access an exclusive edit of mindful, sought-after brands that are waiting to pay you for your support.

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Earn a commission on every purchase and every sale.

Join our waitlist to ignite the side hustle you’ve always had. Coming Soon!