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How APRICOT’S Revolutionary Model Gives You A Cut—Even On Your Own Purchases

Pssssst: Your side hustle awaits.

You’re an influencer already! APRICOT’S founder Deshi Singh is getting you paid for the influence you have IRL with your family and friends.

At APRICOT, when we say we’re going to pay you to shop, we mean literally. It’s like this: You shop, or your friends shop your recommendations (aka your Collection), and when any of you click “purchase,” we deposit money into your APRICOT account. We’re not talking five percent, either: We’re giving you a chunk (we can’t get more specific, because trade secrets, mmmkay?). You can then cash out or put those dollars towards a purchase.

How are we making this happen? Allow us to explain:

1. Your recommendations are actually valuable.

At APRICOT, we’re paying you not as a gimmick or a marketing tactic, but to compensate you for a real service. Forty-one percent of Americans value recommendations from friends and family more than social media recommendations. Eighty-three percent say that recommendations from friends or family members makes them more likely to buy something. When you share your picks with friends, you help brands find new consumers that will love them. That’s worth something!

2. We have direct relationships with all the brands on our platform.

We believe in these brands. And they believe in you—and the value of your recommendations. They know authentic referrals are the holy grail. As our founder, Deshi Singh, says, “Every brand on our platform believes in compensating you fairly for work that has previously been unrecognized.” Boom.

3. We’re investing in our members.

And we’re betting that by finally paying you what you deserve, we will cultivate a dedicated community that supports our brands. At APRICOT, we believe that one person’s success lifts all of us—and that when you’re successful, we will be too.

So join us! And get those sweet rewards flowing (into your bank account).

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